Love yourself girl

There is no greater love than the love for yourself. If you cannot look yourself in the mirror and think Yes! I’m that girl. Then sorry to break it to you, you need to get your priorities straight.

If you get intimidated by another good looking female, instead of embracing her beauty; there’s a problem. NO woman should EVER be insecure or jealous of what another woman has.

Another thing, if you can’t learn to be alone without the company of a man and you need a man to give you attention or make you feel good about yourself, then sweetie you need to do some soul searching.

I am not cocky nor am I conceited, but hell, I am too confident for my own good. I will NEVER let any woman intimidate me because I don’t think anyone is better than me. I love myself more than possible and I would never hate on another woman or compare myself to one because I have everything. I am everything.

I never understood how woman go out of their way to bring another woman down or depend on other people for their happiness. That’s just pathetic.

So ask me, what do I see when I look in the mirror? And I’ll tell you;

I’m THAT girl. THE girl. The ONLY girl. The girl you WISH, you could be.


Love; Pure evil

I will NEVER understand how someone can claim they truly “Love” someone but yet they go and do all these malicious things when they don’t get their way.

Is that love? or is it just pure evil?

I will never understand how someone can see the one they care about go through the hardest of times, but yet continue without hesitation to make their life a living hell.

Is that love? or pure evil?

How can you look at the person you have been dying to be with; to hold, to kiss, to love; only to realize that the only way you got them back was with pain and torture?

Is that love? or pure evil?

How can one look at themselves in the mirror or better yet; how can one go to sleep at night with a clear conscious  knowing that they are ruining their loves life?

Is that love? or pure evil?

How does it feel to have the person that once loved and cared about you, look at you with nothing but disgrace and disgust because they now see you as the despicable inhumane being that you are?

Or to know that you ruined what could; but will NEVER, be a happy ending?

To know that they will never look at you the same and no matter what you do or say; no matter how many times you try to make it up or apologize they will never forgive you for all the damage you have caused them?

How does it feel?

Pretty. Damn. Horrible.

So now tell me, is this love or is it pure evil?

I’ll help you out; you’re EVIL;

Pure evil.

Lost hope

People question if love exist and if it does; then what is it?

To be honest I have no idea what love is and I don’t think I ever will; but I do know it exist.

Growing up I have never seen love. To me love did not exist and it only happened in movies. Which is why I think I became a bit obsessive with romantic movies because it’s the only place I got see that “spark”.

All up until my mom met him. God the love in their eyes are beyond words can describe. They don’t even have to look at each other for anyone to see how in love they are.

She walks in a room and his entire face glows up, He comes next to her and she gets the biggest smile you have ever seen. Their love is so amazing.

Do I personally think that I’ll ever find a love like theirs? No not all. I don’t think that I’ll find someone that will look at me the way he looks at my mom.

Or someone to go crazy, missing me because I’m gone for two weeks.

I don’t think it’s exist for me but it exist for many people and I just love seeing it.

I love seeing love because I love love, and I always will.

Love conquers all.

I can only hope to be as lucky as my mother to find a love that takes over me.

To find a love that make me into a better a person, a love that people feel when we walk into a room.

I can only hope.

Seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately though;


Maybe I’ll be hoping forever,

Or maybe I’ll just lose hope and never find it.