The Broken Promise

“I promise, I’ll never leave you”

“I promise, everything will be okay”

“I promise, I won’t hurt you”

“I promise, I won’t disappear again”

“I promise, you have nothing to worry about”

“I pinky promise


All these promises; nothing but broken promises.

We all live by a promise that we hope will be true. We hope that the promise made to us; swore to us, will be the promise to make everything okay.

Each and every one of us has made or has had someone promise them something that they could not keep. Whether if it’s promising to call someone back or making a promise to reassure someone of something we simply do not know the answers to.

The thought of having a promise is better than facing reality; facing the truth in knowing that what we so desperately have been hoping for will never happen; but yet we put the actuality of our thoughts to the side because what’s better than holding on to false hope?

I have always been someone to take promises very serious. When I promised something it was because deep down in my heart I really meant it, but sometimes things happen; LIFE happens and distracts us from keeping our word, or maybe that’s just an excuse.

I no longer believe in promises because I know they are just fabricated lies meant to make me feel better at the time.

The words “I promise”  have lost their sentimental value and they no longer have any meaning to me.

I refuse to let a broken promise control my thoughts, control the truth that I already know; I refuse to let a broken promise control ME; and you shouldn’t either.

Stop making people promise you things that you know they can’t keep.

Stop holding on to something that you know will never occur.

Let go and let god.

Let things JUST happen.

Let life take you where you need to be and let the people that truly care, show you with their pure actions that you can trust them.

Let go of that broken promise we all have in our hearts and let it set us free.

Let promises mean and be nothing more than just; a broken promise.