This one’s for you.

This one’s for you because you changed my mind.

This one’s for you because you proved me wrong.

This one’s for you because you made the impossible, possible.

This one’s for you because I think you are special.

This one’s for you because I want to thank you.

On many occasions I have been told that my writing is sad, dark, and quite depressing; but this one is different because, This one’s for you.

I never realized all that you were doing, never realized the love that you had for me and how real it was. I always thought that I was forgotten, the one you did not care for, the one you did not love; but I was wrong.

All these years, all the pain, all the sadness, all the looking; and here you are.

I finally see you like I never have before.

You have showed me that every single bad thing was for a reason. Every tear drop I’ve cried, Every sad song I’ve sang, Every heartbreak I’ve had to mend, it was all for this; for this moment right here.

The moment that I realize that the answers I so desperately was seeking was right in front of me the whole time. The key was not to look and find, but to wait patiently and discover; Discover the true meaning of it all.

The true meaning of life; the true meaning of my life.

So thank you;

Thank you for helping me grow,

Thank you for all  the pain and heartache,

Thank you for bringing me my answer,

Thank you for him;

Because this is not another sad story but this is the beginning; the beginning of yet another story;

So this one’s for you.