Self Love

This new year I want to practice self love. I want to see the good in myself and believe in myself more. I honestly don’t give myself enough credit with anything that I do and it’s not fair.

I am a freaking awesome person and I tend to forget that. I let how people treat me shape the way I see myself, when in reality I should be using that as ammo and confirmation that they don’t matter and I do!

New Year Goals:

Self Love.

Self Confidence.

Worry less about what others think.

Don’t go over the top for people that don’t matter.

Don’t let WORK stress me. It’s just work, it isn’t my life.

Be my complete and utter self.

I found my passion

I have recently been toying with the idea on whether or not I should put myself out there create content on decor.

I honestly never thought that I was passionate about anything, until recent turn of events. Thanks to my supportive family, friends, and boyfriend, they have pushed me to consider the idea. I have always loved decorating houses, parties, doing DIY projects and most of all taking photos of places that I have traveled to or just things that seem beautiful to me. As Joe says, “You have the eye”.

I guess I never saw these things as “passion”, but as things that every body is interested in, no?

Anyways, with that being said…..

I have officially launched my other blog, where I will talk and post about home decor, party decor, travel, and my house remodel. It may not go any where (or it may) but regardless, I am staying focused on the fact, that I did it, and regardless of what happens, I will have FUN doing it because it makes me HAPPY and that’s all that matters.

If you guys are interested, view my new blog listed below! It is still in the works but happy to share any content :).