What is life?

What is life?

You wake up, go to work, come home late and stressed, eat dinner, go to bed, can’t sleep, and REPEAT.

Life is a routine of misery with hints and glimpses of happiness.

It is the same thing Over and Over and OVER again. Every. Single. Day.

Are we just living to feel those few moments of happiness?

I for one feel I am more down than I am happy, but when I am happy it is the best high I ever felt, but like any high it only lasts for a few days, maybe a few weeks, but it’s never constant and I hate that.

I hate feeling this way ALL the time.

I hate feeling that no matter how hard you try to be normal and live a normal life (whatever that is anyways) it will never happen. You/I always end up in the same place.

Wanting to be happy. Wanting the darkness to go away. Wanting more. Wanting to be …..


Not stuck in the same routine of miserable life with bad things happening, only confirming how you feel.

So again. What is life? Is there more to it? or am I so deep in this hole that I am losing faith?

5 thoughts on “What is life?”

  1. The road of this life is never straight, there are sharp inclines and very quick drops, farther than you ever believed existed, while you are tossed from side to side…
    And then there are the depths of the ocean and the heavens above, and above all else, there is God’s everlasting love.
    He cares for us beyond what we are capable of ever understanding. He desires to give rest to the weary, he wants us cry out In our pain and frustration.
    God wants to guide us, teach us, show us His Beauty and I think most of all His JOY.
    It is so easy to miss out on the beauty…

    Something I wrote awhile back. Hang in there… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


    Are your eyes

    Ever distracted by

    The color of the sky

    By the sunset or sunrise

    Does it ever

    Capture your gaze

    Hold onto your thoughts

    Or take you away

    Do you ever

    Lie on the ground

    Like when you were young

    To find shapes in the clouds

    Everyday life

    Wraps us up so tight

    In all the things we have to do

    That we miss life’s delight

    The waves of the seas

    Crash upon the beach

    The dance of the ocean

    Is blissfully unique

    The wind of today

    Push the clouds on their journey

    Never to be repeated again

    In the same exact way

    Stop and consider

    Every single tiny thing combined

    That make up the universe

    That is so intricately designed

    Far beyond what any human

    Could ever envision

    The absolute beauty

    Of God’s precision

    This world was made

    With loving hands

    So go outside and adventure

    Live a life that its beauty demands.

    Katherine Spitzer

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  2. Thank you!!! I have been in that place of what’s the point. I have been in a place where it hurts to breathe. I have been in a place of enormous grief. I have been in a place where I didn’t want to live another second, and I have been in a great place where everything was going right, just to be told that they did everything they could and I would most likely die. I went into complete respiratory failure, and flat lined, spent 2 weeks in a coma, and a year of rehab. I got my nutrition from a tube they placed in my abdomen, also for a year and clawed my way back. I suffered an anoxic brain injury from I guess dying. It has completely changed how I speak and my retention and thought process. But God left me a grateful heart and I can still write.
    I try to look for the sunshine in the rain. I am always here if you want to reach out ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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